Monday, September 21, 2009

Head Shot

I don't envy the person that has to make this kind of shot:

It's from that Law Enforcement Targets website. The one with the zombie targets.

You have to his the Black aggressor target behind, leaving the Orange hostage unscathed? You've GOT to be kidding me.

I imagine only SWAT types practice with these. How many regular patrol officers get presented with this situation.

I can do this shot. Sometimes. That's the problem. The hostage would prefer you being able to do this right 100% of the time. There are people out there that are confident and talented enough to make this shot every time. What percentage of gun bloggers and/or police officers are that good? It's probably in single digits. And the people that ARE good enough still have that fear of messing up to even try this scenarios in real life.

So single digit percentage of shooter that are good enough to make this shot. And single digit percentage of THAT number for people that are crazy enough to actually risk it.


I wonder how many of that target type they sell?


Paladin said...

Now I have to get some of these. I have a few favorite sidearms that I would feel pretty confident shooting this target with. I have other's where the "hostage" doesn't stand much of a chance.

Would make an interesting rifle target too - for longer distances.

Jay G said...

What if you just, you know, wing the hostage? Lotsa soft tissue there, no permanent damage...

The Armed Canadian said...

I can do this shot statically, just not with a handgun. With a rifle, yes. At short range.

I prefer the challenge that some SWAT snipers use. They tie a pair of balloons to a small RC car and drive it around the berm. One red, one blue. You need to hit the red one without killing the blue one. Since the balloons bounce and sway, it is a more realistic training scenario than a static target. You only have a moment to get a clear shot and take it.

Fun stuff. I'll have to try these out sometime.

Sigboy said...

When I had the luxury of my backyard being my range I pracitced this shot all the time, I would walk around the corner of the barn, draw my pistol and shoot the bad guy, in the head. 7 yards,1.5 seconds, that was the standard

Anonymous said...

How many do they sell? Hopefully a lot, meaning people are practicing.

If you want to get good at something, the only way to do so is to practice it.

Mike W. said...

Or you could shoot the hostage in the head and say "Tis but a scratch!"