Monday, May 19, 2008

Range Report, May

Went to the range to practice with my 1911. The usual flaws. Some mags were better than others, depending on my concentration. The ones where you see halfway decent groups are from where I was more carefully squeeeeeeeeezing the trigger.

Then I played with a silhouette. The first 3 mags were at 25 feet. The first toward the torso with 2 hands. Usual. The next mag left handed, one-handed, aiming at the head was surprisingly good! All in the circle with the left hand. And with one handed right handed, aiming at the head, they were all over the place. The misses were the right hand.

But why am I more accurate with just one hand?! More to think on and try to improve. Obviously I am pulling low with that second hand up there. Well, maybe...

The next mags were center mass points of aim at 50 feet. All hit, it seems. A silhouette target sure helps the self-esteem because you can project, "I'd hate to have holes in ME at ANY of these locations." And you think you are doing better. I won't be shooting zombies in the eyeball of choice yet, though.

Corky found himself more accurate today when firing fast, and not accurate at ALL one-handed. He wasn't over-thinking his shot placement. Which is good because, as I mentioned, he is considering doing IDPA stuff sooner rather than later.

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breda said...

I used to get the exact same types of groupings - the lady at the range told me that I needed to tighten my grip and slow down my trigger finger, because I was squeezing with my whole hand, not just my trigger finger. It's helped a lot.