Saturday, May 17, 2008

What Hath I Wrought?

Corky just bought a handsome SIG in 9mm. He intends to get a .40 caliber pistol of some kind next. Oh dear. Metal guns, though. So there is a bright side. And the grips on those are very handsome. It's a 226, I think, and he'll correct me if I am wrong:

MBtGE is shopping for ANOTHER plastic gun. The Springfield XD. In .45 ACP, at least. To go with his Glock 21.

Apparently my influence on their model selection is not as prevalent as I'd have hoped. At least they are getting MORE. This is a good thing. But I'd hope they'd select an all metal pistol in the venerable .45 ACP caliber and 100 years of real world testing. Not too many models fit that requirement. In fact, just the one. But they don't listen.

Quote from MBtGE "All I really want is... more."

Corky's big justification is get pistols for future
IDPA use. No 9mm to be had at the local Wal Mart right now, he found. My influence on ammo purveyor selection is limited as well it seems, Wal Mart being more hostile to gun owner lately.

And Frozen may have gotten the same model SIG...


Anonymous said...

Need I remind you that I just bought a RIA .45ACP 1911 compact frame?

Oh The Humanity!!

The Customer said...

I appreciate your war on Walmart. I do not like them either. I tried to stop shooting the Winchester White Box and buy from Bass Pro, but I bought the Remington UMC and had a one FTF in my first 250 rounds. What is even scarier was that round was in my magazine in the pistol safe. So in a real world situation against bad guys or zombies, that could have cost me my life. I have fired too many WWB to count and never had any problems other than my gun turning gray from how dirty the powder is. Now Bass Pro does have WWB but only and idiot would pay 7 bucks more per box.

So, yes thats the Sig 226 that I bought, isn't it purddy? It is getting closer to a 1911. It is metal, has a beaver tail, and wood grips. The 9mm is for IDPA. If not IDPA, it would have been the P220 in .45. But going with zombie scenero, I would think you would be able to find 9mm more than .45 seeing the military and some police are still using it.

The .40 was just dreaming. If we were able to conceal carry, I would pick up the Sig P229 SAS seeing it has been dehorned for no snagging.

Also, Springfield has a new XD M out that looks very nice that I just might have to retire my orginal XD45 for.