Sunday, May 4, 2008

Zombie Forts

During World War 2, the Brits set up sea forts in the Thames estuary. Their purpose was to be a platform for anit-aircraft guns and perhaps to oppose German invasion barges, E-Boats, or mine-layers. They also extended radar coverage to track incoming Luftwaffe attacks.

A gentleman-pirate referred to as Doctor Boogie took some video and pictures and this is one of his:

Ruins now, but they must have been GLORIOUS in their prime.

This is the perfect concept for post-Necropalypse housing preparations. At sea is fine, but the same design can used on land.

And here is a video when one of the fort complexes was active:

I think I'd want some more shading awnings for the summer months.

Here's the plan. You and your survival team purchase 100 acres of remote land, or secure rights to build offshore in something like Pamlico Sound, the Chesapeake, or Delaware Bays, Lake Pontchartrain... that sort of thing. I'd say the Great Lakes, too, but hardening against ice may be too expensive. I'd recommend just on shore in that area, so you can have access to the water relatively easily. Then construct one of these per family unit. 4000 each square feet would be fine. You interconnect them with suspended walkways, but set up so that in an emergency you can temporarily cutoff an infected unit from the others.

Solar panels and windmills could be used for power. With a steel skin they are hardened against light arms fire, and with a good foundation you can survive hurricanes. Sniping undead is a simple manner. The stand pipes could have a hollow cavity for a securable tunnel down to an underground bunker (for nuclear threats in case the zombie threat doesn't pan out), where appropriate, or as your drill access to artesian well water. Rain catches on the roof can help feed cisterns for your green houses. That's shelter, food, water, power, and defense in almost unlimited quantities. (Be sure to have a citrus tree or 2. They fruit even when small and no one wants to see me after I'm ravaged with scurvy.) Food is always a weakness, and I can't think of an easy fuel access. A pipe to underground tanks wouldn't last that long. Coal or wood burning stocks even less so. But that's going to be a problem in any situation. You're just gonna have to risk armed wood collection parties on the ground and maybe plant potatoes on a few surrounding acres.

Initial investment... 3 million dollars, each. Who's with me? I figure 9 of em would be good.


Turk Turon said...

That is so COOL!

Weren't those things used for pirate radio stations in the '60s? Radio Caroline, et al?

I bet we could get Roberta interested if she could set up her own pirate radio station.

Anonymous said...

I'm in!!

The Customer said...

I am with you! As far as fuel needs, why would you need fuel? You can heat and cook off of your windmill and solar cells. Food would be the only issue that would be the huge. But.....seeing the top is flat you could make a rooftop garden for veggies and for a bit you could probably fish for protein.