Monday, December 7, 2009

Blog Meet, Nova

Well, that was fun!

The DC metropolitan area had a bit of snow, but that didn't stop the intrepid from treking out to Sterling Virginia to imbibe some beer and eat some beef on Repeal Day.

Lessee... Newbius was there, of course. And Old NFO. A frequent commenter and IRC poster known as Orangeneck (search the quoted comments...). A groupie named Stretch. And Newbius's fambly, daughter-son-missus.

It's Virginia, so none of us were strapped in the restaurant, known as Sweetwater Tavern. We all DID have out spare mags on us, however, so there was that.

Turk Turon couldn't make it due to other commitments, but had he been there he would have award Orangneck for travelling the farthest to get to the meet up. He came from some mythical place known as Lawn Guylend, Noo Yawk. Apparently this place is to the north.

Funny enough... It turns out that all of us there make our living off of computer contracting for Uncle Sucker. Parasites suckling off the teat of the hapless taxpayer. What do you want? Those zombies aren't gonna kill themselves. Well, all of us are Beltway Bandits except for Stretch. He sells crystals and incense at a New Age shop. But he USED to be contractor.

And Stretch had the quote of the night: "You'd be surprised how many Libertarian witches there are..."

The snow sorta precluded any shooting out of doors ahead of time, but Old NFO is scheming up the NEXT blog meet for the spring. No dinner or nuthin. No. Just a little get together on the grass at a place called Quantico. And that could be fun. This n00b could use a little info sucked up from an older hand at this. And it'd be fun to shoot to the Breda-Bell-Ringer M24. Just to touch something someone as famous as she touched... The rifle is like a holy relic now.

I also learned that OldNFO was a Navy mustang, so my respect and appreciation for him went up another notch. He WAS able to get some participants to an indoor range. We have this rinky dink little hole in the wall for indoor shooting in that part of Virginia. Perhaps you've heard of it? It's called NRA HQ.

During dinner some wanted to extend the blog meet to other bloggers, so JayG was called on the phone and chatted to, as well as FarmGirl. That was fun. Shoot, Jay got a long blog post out of a blogmeet he only attended virtually.

To show our appreciation of having the gumption to actually organize a blogmeet, Newbius was presented with a little token for his efforts. .45 ACP. Fifty of them. I wonder if he can find a use for that... I think that might be a fine tradition. If someone scraps up a blogmeet, doing all the organizational legwork, they need to get ammo for their trouble. It'll make more blogmeets happen, and that's a good thing. And someone owes RobertaX a case of bullets, for all the Indymeets.

All in all a great time was had. Thanks in part from our Michigander waitress known as Corey. She grew up in a hunting friendly house so she was actually enthused. Whatever they are paying her it is not enough.


Turk Turon said...

Sorry I missed it. Had to work late on short notice.

breda said...

Quantico? NFO? Rifles? (plus a chance at hearing a good Sean Connery impression?) I might have to make that drive.

(WV: ousnow. Ooh! Snow!)

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

We talked about trying to tempt you out. Figured that or arrange for a machine gun shoot up in Thurmont Maryland. I'd have to fight you to get a chance to shoot the MP40 and the Ma Deuce.

JB Miller said...

Anyone show up to the blog meet to kick your ass?

I didn’t thinks so.


Old NFO said...

Good report NJT, you're hired... pay is one beer per blog meet :-)

OrangeNeck said...

W00t!!! You guys were great!!