Monday, December 21, 2009


All this snow has me exhausted. But it puts me to mind of the gunnie-related winter battles of the recent past. I'm glad I don't have to fight in this. And this storm is balmy compared to some of the nastier battles. The sun is out now, it's only 2 feet of wet snow, the wind is less than 15 knots. It's practically the tropics here. Compared to:

The Bulge
or the poorly equipped encampment at Valley Forge if you want to go further back.

And the brave Finns that fought off those commie bastards in the early 40s'. What would I be fighting with if I was a Finnish soldier? A Mosin "Lotta"?

How about a water cooled machine gun.

I hope they have enough ammo to keep the water from freezing... It would suck if the ice cracked the water jacket.


Old NFO said...

One of the things they did was use anti-freeze instead of water, and 3 in 1 oil instead of grease... I was able to get those answers from somebody that was at Chosin...

Hat Trick said...

Those were very tough conditions. Had a neighbor who suffered frostbite in the Bulge and was rotated back to work as a supply clerk for the Eigth Air Force.

Your post reminded me of a local match that's been running for ten years.

The flyer is here: