Saturday, December 12, 2009


Have you noticed that gunnies and gunbloggers rarely post an inventory of what guns they have?

Obvious reason? It's a shopping list to burglars.

Also, when President Biden and VP Eric Holder finally ram through the Feinstein/Schumer Firearm Confiscation Act in 2017 we don't want the G-Men knowing everything we owned. Some we gotta bury somewhere in the North 40. Gotta keep the Federales honest and give them an excuse to exercise with a pick and shovel.

Another reason? It's none of anyone else's bidness. Sure we like bragging about our hobby items as much as the folks in the next hobby over ("LOOK at this rare #15 Wagner Cast Iron skillet from the 19th C. That handle is 18 inches long!") but we don't brag about everything.

Some of us might have a Lorcin or a Raven or two in the back of the gun vault, and be kinda embarrassed about it.

There are exceptions. Every week JayG features one of his boomsticks. And he admits to lots. But I bet we can never pin him down on an EXACT number. Tam has a parallel blog where she puts up reviews and histories of some boomsticks. Often Smith and Wesson revolvers. She sorta collects them. But no way is that a complete list, either. Tam isn't so sentimental not to sell or trade off some of her stuff. I, being new, it is pretty easy to track my inventory here in the blog. But you never know. I might have a Commie-Gun jones like my buddy Frozen. Maybe Frozen is a made up buddy, and every time I discuss his AKs, his SKS, his Mosins I was really talking about my own.

You never know.


Old NFO said...

Just sayin, right? :-) My complete inventory is... A bunch :-)

Crucis said...

One of the members of the 1911 mail list says he has over 20 1911s. At least one more mail list member found a couple he'd forgotten was in the safe.

Those don't include the ones stored in sealed PVC pipe. :-)

Jay G said...

I look at it this way. MA requires all firearms transactions be registered with the state. I'm a law-abiding gun owner, so naturally I comply. If the confiscation act passes down the road, they're going to know what I have.

And as far as burgulars go, well, I've got all my guns safely locked up.

And a nosy retired MA State cop with an itchy trigger finger and a marksman rating living right next door... ;)

Lokidude said...

Main reason I don't discuss many of my guns? Quite a few of them are kinda boring. Listen long enough, though, and I'll talk about a couple of the interesting ones. I really don't have anything to hide, honestly, but I have to inventory in my head when I get asked how many I have.

Aaron said...

I have a rule I adhere to as strictly as my short attention span allows. Whenever I acquire a new shootin' iron, I decide at that moment whether or not I'll mention it to anyone other than the wife. Seems to work pretty well. I
m far more likely to discuss my pistols that my evil, death dealing, assault rifles, and more likely to discuss a shotgun or bolt action hunting rifle than the pistols.

And the wifey's guns never get discussed except amongst shooting buddies, with one exception.

wolfwalker said...

Obvious reason? It's a shopping list to burglars.

I think John the Armorer of Castle Argghhh has a very effective answer to this concern.

Newbius said...

Guns? What guns? You own GUNS? Crap. I didn't know!


Me? Nuh-uh. Nope. Never. Them things is dangerous.

When are we going shooting?