Tuesday, December 29, 2009

NY Gun Permit

When was the last time you heard Sean Hannity talk about Gun Control? The only time I hear from him is when I am exasperated with the drive home NPR station and switch over. Which is frequent enough to know that he doesn’t talk about guns much. (My radio listening is a constant flipping to stations that don’t annoy me. When NPR goes over the top with leftism, when a call in show’s professional announcers relinquish their show to amateurs by going to the phones, when a commercial comes on… that sort of thing)

Anyway… Sean Hannity… Doesn’t mention the right to keep and bear arms very often if at all. At least not enough for my taste, certainly. Another metrocon, I guess. Nothing wrong with being a metrocon, make no mistake. Better a metrocon that at least understands the purpose of the Constitution to those that take their tyranny ala carte.

The point is, he HAS a pistol permit for carrying in New York.

I’ll grant, he’s a celebrity and the Leftists in this country can be dangerously violent and he needs to protect himself and his family from very real threats… But what about other folks in New York? Don’t their families need protection at times? I appreciate his exercising his 2nd Amendment rights because he has the wealth and fame to overcome New York’s arbitrary and unjust and unconstitutional gun regulations, but how about a shout out to help his fellow citizens in his state and country? He’s not THAT special. Even he, Hannity, will admit that over and over in his radio show.

So it'd be nice if he through his a bone to a conservative issue. Him being a conservative and all. I'm just saying, I'm not raking the man over the coals or calling him a traitor to our great cause. Some commenter will think I am so let me put the kibosh on that right now.

Or maybe he does come out for the 2nd, and I've just missed it. I'd be glad to hear about that.



and Rush.


Top of the Chain said...


Nope, you haven't missed it. i used to listen to Hannity an awful lot and maybe, MAYBE, in passing would the 2nd Amendment, or RKBA be mentioned. I stopped listening to Hannity for a variety of reasons, but this was a major one.

Adam said...

I completely agree with you and it irks me when these supposed conservatives don't stand up for the Second Amendment. It seems as though they go for the "low fruit" and more sensational but more trival stuff to get the ratings.

It makes me doubt whether alot of these guys are true conservatives or only do it because they know the ratings and marketshare is there!

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

In fairness to Hannity, his show is by necessity headline driven. How often are gun issues above the fold? But yeah, even when gun issues ARE big in the news Hannity (and Rush, and Levin, and many others Metrocon radio types) doesn't emphasize the issue and does nothing more than a cursory mention. I'd rather they didn't do that. And I am a bit of a Metrocon myself, growing up and currently residing in teh DC suburbs.

JB Miller said...


Old NFO said...

They don't want to alienate the far right, to whom guns are an anthema...

Jordan Carver said...

Well, I think what you're asking is for Hannity to more fully support your agenda. If he doesn't stumble across (figuratively speaking) the need to discuss the issue of guns or gun control, he doesn't mention it. Just because it's important to you/us, doesn't mean it's important to him!