Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Stock Adapter Link

Weeks ago I followed a link to a gun blog sight that had an ad for a stock adapter for a Glock. I immediately lost it until Uncle re-linked him recently.

Plus, it was a link to a Ruger Mini-14 target troubleshooter, and I sorta have a thought for a Mini-14 for my endless carbine thoughts and re-thoughts.

Here is the Mini-14 love. Or non love, if you will. The Mini-14 has a reputation for less than stellar accuracy. Especially compared to what you can achieve with the same round on a modern AR platform. For a carbine that shoots .223, what do you need accuracy out past 100 yards for? Now if you are a Varminting... with the same ammo, then yes... way out past 100... So I can understand how you'd want a short light rifle that can do that since you CAN have a short light rifle that can do that.

Oh and the stock adapter is here. Kinda cool turning your Glock into a shoulder fired rifle by just clipping on a piece of plastic with an AR stock attached, but check into the legalities. I don't know much about stock adapter law other than you can end up afoul of the NFA in some circumstances if you add a stock or take off a stock or something something something. Gun laws are not the easiest to follow. I try to only keep the relevant-to-me laws in my head at any one time and know when I am contemplating getting close to another and need to add it to my mental inventory. Anyway, in the site's FAQ: "Anyone can buy it [the stock adapter], but if you plan on adding a [AR style] stock to it [the apapter] and connecting it to your handgun you should be filing a Form 1 with the ATF because you are turning your handgun into a Short Barreled Rifle (SBR)."

See? Was that so hard? Now to personally data dump that info until I need it again...


Where was I?

Oh yeah, Mini-14s! All that searching for the perfect Carbine for ME, through Kel Tec, Marlin Camp, CX4, M1, Mini... I'll problably end up getting an AR. Some day. If I do, the neato one Tam featured would be the one I'd want because of the MGI takedown capabilities. Well, for the upper. Why have a miniature rifle you can't easily stow? But that road is an expensive detour... With a steep learning curve. Remember the data dump and how I don't crowd my head with too much minutia not relevant to what I have and do? Yeah, I got next to nothing on AR's up there in the wetware. I pride myself on a very broad knowledge, and I can answer a question about any topic. As long as there are no followup questions and you don't know more than me. Yeah, I'm a mile wide, but an inch deep.

Stick with the M1A, T-Bolt.


red said...

I've always loved the feel of the Mini-14s. Unfortunately, I've never shot one since all my friends are AR fans.

I agree with your last line, stick with the M1A.

Jim said...

I stumbled over an old carbine conversion kit for the 1911, The result is:


If I put the stock on with the standard barrel in place, I'm a felon. I can install the the 16 1/2-inch tube and be legal as a pistol without the shoulder stock, legal or as a rifle with it.

There's no practical reason to do something like this, unless a guy considers shits and grins practical. :)

NMM1AFan said...

The Mini-14 was the very first rifle I bought for myself. Ruger made a mistake with the stupid pencil barrel.

One of these days I'll send it off to Accuracy Systems and have it rebarreled.

Mike-ENDOtactical said...

Thanks for the mention! I saw your blog pop up in my site stats.

Nice blog by the way, I added you to my RSS feed.

If you have any questions about the adapter let me know.

Take care,