Thursday, December 31, 2009


I had that big long weekend and STILL couldn’t come up with blog fodder.

Well, everyone everywhere is doing the end of year retrospective. The News is doing the year in news, Hollywood is doing the year in Hollywood, NPR is doing the year in Communist propaganda and infiltration (DAMN PINKOS!) I might as well do one myself for the blog.

Only one new gun, the SIG. I had gone too big in the gunnie department in 2008, so I applied some self-discipline to 2009, much to the disappointment of my gunstore. I might get 2 in 2010. We’ll see.

I went back and forth in my head over a carbine to get. I’d probably already have the Camp Carbine by now, and be done with the whole topic, if Marlin had made the little rifle a little nice. Or still. And regardless on whether the M1 Carbine stays in the running, I think I will join the Garand Collectors association. If I get a M1, then being a member will help with the Civilian Marksmanship Program purchase process.

I didn’t do any instructor-lead training this year, despite flapping my gums about it. I guess that is TWO new years resolutions in 2 paragraphs…

I got a range membership this time last year, and I’ve renewed it. Definitely worth the price if you go at least once a month. And I do.

Got my first deer. That was a thrill. Another resolution…. Make more chili. Mmmm, venison.

What else? Despite the shortage of ammo, I’ve managed to keep my stocks up even with the relatively normal burn rate. I took a few n00bies to the range, and the Trollop bought a HUGE Fohty-Fo. So I did SOME inspiration of others

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Old NFO said... best $25 you'll spend!