Sunday, December 6, 2009

Gun-Climate tie in

Holy Crap, National Review with another gun tie in. To sum up, the comparison is made by a commenter, recalling parallels between the academic fraud going on now, and the academic fraud that went on year ago wrt Bellesiles

The money quote, in toto:

"Remember Michael Bellesiles? Arming America? Bancroft Award winner. Supposedly "lost" his data to a flooded basement or some such. What do we think of his "scholarship" now? What credence is given to his data? And how unwillingly were his supporters dragged to that condemnation? Where are his defenders?"

Gunnies may recall Bellesiles as the fraud that made up data suggesting firearm were less prevalent in US History, and he was caught on it, and mostly humiliated. If you can shame a hoplophobe.

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