Friday, December 18, 2009

MHI Review

So I’m almost done reading Monster Hunter International. When I got the book and asked readers here how it was I got a few responses.

They were right.

It’s no Melville, it’s not literature. But it’s a good read.

I never would have guessed it was a FIRST novel. I was also worried it would have TOO much gun content. You know what I mean. You can pack a lot of details about firearms into a story, and there is in this book, but you can also OVERpack it. I like some, but it can be over done and distract from the narrative by excessive gun minutiae. (Odd. isn’t it? A gun enthusiast not wanting gun details in a story? Well yeah. I like beer but I don’t want to brush my teeth in beer instead of water, or to bathe in it…)

Anyway, it didn’t. Overpack the gun detail, that is.

As regards to the storyline, rip-roaring, action-packed.

But we all know there are no such things as vampires. Or secret elite groups that combat them and have for decades. Sort of like how Men In Black did for aliens, these groups do for Monsters like wights, Lovecraftian Old Ones, and gargoyles. The idea is silly on its face.

Now zombies… THOSE are real. And thank all that is holy we have RoMERO to protect us from the horde.


Old NFO said...

Larry did good didn't he? :-) Waiting for the second one myself...

Anonymous said...

Just finished it and handed it off to my son to read. I agree it was a fun read...

Diane said...

I took your advice, and got a copy for each of my girls (20 and 16). The 16 year old said it was 'wicked good' and she can't wait for the 2nd one to come out. Now that she's read her Christmas present, I can read it!