Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Carter era view on the common attitude on guns as moral actors, brought to life by the late great Richard Pryor. And Robin Williams as some of the voices of the deodands. Typical big city leftist worldview.

Funny how all the guns are murderous. Deviant. Also funny how all these guns were probably filmed in a New York TV studio (presumably). Imagine all the paperwork required to have all these guns must have required. Note the silencer/suppressor on a revolver.

"What do you need a gun for?" Well, what if I need to kill someone? Not murder, kill. In every instance of murder there is another party. The victim. A person with a legitimate need, at the time, to use deadly force to NOT be a victim. A firearm happens to be the most efficient means to resist a murderer's intent on ending you. To kill, or end a deadly threat, in an appropriate situation thus puts paid to the idea of a firearm as deviant. And don't forget for a moment, when you defend yourself by shooting a guy to stop him from attacking you, you are using a deadly object and there is a distinct possibility you may be killing a person.

[Special note: Joe Biden's preferred weapon, the double barrelled shotgun, is virulently racist. I bet that shotty votes Dem, too.]

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Tam said...

If a guy breaks into your house, and you don't have a gun, what are you supposed to shoot him with?