Friday, August 23, 2013

Open Carry 2

This OCer is heading to court.  Note the NFA short barrelled PS90.  He wanted to have a OC protest in a park just after Erie PA made it illegal to carry in a park (reportedly; I am getting this all second hand.)

Him and a some other showed up anyway (again, reportedly) and got cross threaded with the po-po.  Summons' were handed out.  This mall ninja was reporting to a hearing of one of said summons'.

He had this, 3 pistols, mags, and 2 knives. 

Surprisingly, the sheriffs turned him away at the front door.  That is all I know.  Well, I know the place wasn't shot up.

Again, not the way I'd OC.  Even if I wanted to stick my thumb in the eye of The Man.

OC all you want.  But, as a favor to me, endeavor not to do it in a way that you become our own worst PR enemy?  Your earnest passion for our rights is greatly appreciated, and we need more people that think like that. But this behavior scares the sheep and thus doesn't help the cause.


Bubblehead Les. said...

What's that old saying about Honey and Vinegar? I think the OC Cause can best be forwarded with Politeness and Discretion. A handgun and a reload would be just fine.

Think of it this way. Look at a Cop and what is on His/Her Duty Belt. Then make your OC Presence about 50% LESS. Works for me when I OC.

Old NFO said...

Courtesy works MUCH better...

Murphy's Law said...

The problems are that the militant OC crowd always seems to:

1. Look like that guy,
2. Act like total douchebags when confronted by the police.

Neither of these things help our cause.