Sunday, August 11, 2013

XD Slim Holster

 I like XDs.

They have so much going against them. A reputation for a grip safety failure that locks the gun up HARD with a round in the chamber. That little tongue on the trigger 'safety' that Glock also has is annoying to my finger tip and chafes. But I shoot the dang things well. Better than the other plastic guns out there. Or SIGs. They are pretty narrow in double-stack so the slim version is even more appealing.

Now there is more and more holster support.

About the only thing left I kinda wanna git.

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Laura said...

Chris absolutely loves his XDM and plans on an XDS at some point. Even with the dogdick trigger safety.

My fingers are just too delicate to enjoy it. I'm sticking with my Beretta. :)