Thursday, August 22, 2013

Open Carry

This is probably not the ideal way to OC.  Not that you don't have a right to, it's just a little difficult for weapon retention to combine a IWB holster with a less than perfect belt situation in exposed in a difficult to retain manner. 

You're in the frozen food section, a cover garment wouldn't be too hot.

I wouldn't, personally, OC like this unless I was only around friends.  For this wardrobe choice, a shoulder rig might be what I'd choose.


Keads said...

OC is ALWAYS problematic. I do so, but only with weapon retention in mind and the defensive mindset goes to eleventy!

JD Rush said...

I make sure to wear underwear, too. Chafing sucks.

Murphy's Law said...

Because nothing screams "Free gun!" to thugs like an OC pistol in a non-retention holster being carried in such a way that everyone but the gun owner can see it. Condition White, anyone?

J.T. Oden said...

You know how people post a hot babe with a gun and the comments go like, "There was a gun? I didn't see it!" In this case, I saw the gun and tried not to see the uh, broad.

Kristophr said...

Get a proper OC holster.

OC and CCW are two completely different things. Do not mix gear.

Unknown said...

2 different things? Dont mix gear? By law in PA< stepping on a skateboard you go from OC to CC.... Same if I toss on a longer shirt.

My gear works for carrying a firearm, regardless of the number of pieces of fabric it is hiding behind.