Monday, August 12, 2013

Low Inspiration

I don't know what is wrong with me lately. 

There's been talk the last week or so about a new .95 caliber round.  When I started this blog I'd have had a blog post about that new .95 wildcat cartridge with comments about how I 'might want to shoot that once...ONCE' but I'd 'never want to own that' and while 'it wasn't a thing for me, personally' I was also 'glad the thing existed.'

I could swore I already blogged about that thing years ago.  Others have...   That thing has been around for at least 1 years.  Anyhoo...

I just don't have either the blog or gun enthusiasm I used to.

I need to update my Master List to reflect how many guns I have no interest in buying.

I do h ave some smithing/modification projects to get to.  I could probably combine a deer scouting weekend with MBtGE and a trip to his 1911 smith.  I better order the parts now.  And make the mods I can do without his help.  (I want to put on slim grips and a differnt mainspring housing.  The smith will have to help me out with the tritium sights.  Dunno if I want to attempt the thumb safety mods.)


Daniel Watters said...

The .950 JDJ isn't new. The 2003 edition of "Cartridges of the World," states that it was introduced in 1996, and had already been discontinued.

Tam said...

The guns I don't give a crap about vastly outnumber the guns I do. There's not a thing wrong with that.

As far as blogging? Dude, it shouldn't be a chore.

I write because I like writing. I also like making people laugh. Ergo, I blog some.

abnormalist said...

For what its worth, go out and shoot a bunch of clays until your shoulder hurts, your head spins, and the world is right again

We call it recoil therapy for a reason.

Some days its just an escape. Often I just need to spend time outdoors with a shotgun. Sometimes its not even shooting anything. There are many squirrels in my area that owe their lives to me just needing some time out, and not really wanting to bother skinning/cleaning them after a day of "squirrel hunting".