Saturday, July 12, 2014


So how many of you own one of of those ticking time bombs known at the Remington 700 bolt action rifle?  Five million rifles!  That could go off at any moment! 

It looks like 2006 might be the cut off date.  And since I only started to think about shooting stuff much around 2007.  So I would have been ok, if I had bought a new rifle. 


For those few of you unfamiliar.  There have been claims that the trigger in a Remington 700 bolt action rifle of a certain vintage could malfunction and cause the gun to fire with no manipulation of the trigger.  Remington has settled some lawsuits after decades of denial.  Might be a recall of all those rifles now.  All of a sudden, 5 million rifles somehow feel less secure somehow, but those owner had be confident up to that point.


Old NFO said...

I've got two... neither has ever gone off without my finger on the trigger...

Shane W said...

I had one that I bought in '93 but its long gone now.
Here recently I bought some Remington ammo and found one with a huge gouge in the case. I emailed them the first time on June 12 telling them about it and sent pics. Over the next few weeks I sent 2 more emails and contacted them on twitter (they replied to 1 out of 3 tweets) and I finally received a reply to my first email on July 12. I am no longer a fan of remington and won't be giving them my money anytime soon.