Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Tea for Two

I need a gross of tea candles.  And I was gonna go to that Ikea to get em, but...  Not now.  Not because of a boycott, per se, but I don't want to be there on a day when bad guys do a hostage situation thingy.  Since bad guys are the only ones allowed in there, armed, you know.  Everyone else would get into BIG trouble, Buster!  So, the cops can't go through the door, they'll just have to beseige the place and starve us all out.  And it's not like a host of victims and kidnappers can't hole up in an Ikea for a long long time.  All that bedding, and meatballs to subsist on.  At least some SWAT tragedy won't happen.  But I don't have the vacation days to be a hostage for a coupla months.

Sometimes my back up store is Target.  For tea candles.  But I can't go there, now that we are all boycotting it.

Walmart?  Weren't we boycotting them too 6 years ago because they were recording personal data on all ammo purchases somewhere sometime?  Is that boycott over?

Crap.  I'm boned.


Grey Mobius said...

Try Hobby Lobby, the only ones boycotting them are the Progressives.

Bubblehead Les. said...

Those "Dollar" stores might have what you need. And trust me, they let ANYBODY in there.

Just don't be Downwind of some them, okay?