Thursday, July 10, 2014

Work Buddy

So a work buddy is moving out of DC and to Virginia.  He's a former Marine that transferred to the Air Force, and has spent time overseas as a civillian contractor.  As a DC resident there is NO WAY he can own a gun....   Yeah....  Anyhoo.  Here is his recentest email:

"Ok, so I move into Virginia in a couple weeks, first gun purchase?

  • I do like the HK MP5 a lot
  • Love M4s
  • Not a huge handgun fan
  • Like .45 over 9mm
My answer, so far, is "Well, that depends..."  You know how it is. 

And he is one of many former Marines I've come across that eschew pistols.  Interesting.

Personally, I'd avoid the MP5.  But that's me.  He is trained with AR, go for the carbine.  Next, and more important question, how to kit it out.  My personal pref is lightweight stuffs.  But I'll need to hear back from him.  And while I also prefer the .45, I told him the trend it toward 9mm.  In case he is the sort that follows the fashion trends....

I guess I need a new name for this new work buddy gunnie.  In case I have to refer to him again, and want to keep him anonymous.   How bout Lance Corporal Cunningham?

I did meet him in Nam.


abnormalist said...

rifle vs handgun is easy.

Handguns are only useful when concealment is needed, or your rifle stops working (hard failure, out of ammo, etc)

The job of a handgun is to get you back to a working rifle so you can engage from a position of equal or superior fire.

Friend of a friend and I went shooting the other day, and he commented to me "based on how you shoot with your 45, i figured you were a decent shot with a rifle, but wow, your nuts with one" to which I responded...

With a shotgun every now and again I can make it look like I know what I am doing.

With a pistol I'm an OK shot.

With a rifle, now there I'm on home territory.

Bubblehead Les. said...

Well, I'd say a M4-type, a Modern .45acp in the Polymer Family, and a Shotgun for Zombies.

Just Testing! ; )

David said...

Sounds like an AR and a 1911 to me...

Robert Fowler said...

From the newest recruit at MCRD all the way up to the Commandant of the Marine Corp, every marine is first a rifleman.

The last time I shot for qual in the Marines I shot a high expert (236X250). Good enough to get me assigned to the range as a instructor. Some of the best duty I had.

Tam said...

"The job of a handgun is to get you back to a working rifle so you can engage from a position of equal or superior fire."

People throw that one around a lot, and it's bogus.

If you're Joe of Jane Civilian, and the conflict happens somewhere other than your bedroom, a handgun is likely all you've got.

Tam said...

"or", not "of".

abnormalist said...

Ahh, but if all I have is a handgun the goal is the same. Get home alive

Not disagreeing though, just stating where his mindset likely comes from being just newly civilian.

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

I did mention to him that unless you live near a rifle range, finding a place to shoot, practice, and have fun, it is much easier with a pistol.