Friday, July 25, 2014

Cracked Article

About what NOT to do in the event of a Level IV Zed outbreak.

Mostly review for my readers.

Sum up:
  1. Raiding the gun store
  2. Get out of town
  3. Fortify your base
  4. Use melee weapons to save ammo
  5. Always aim for the head

And WHY don't do those 5 things

  1. that's what EVERYONE will be doing and you'll fight zed and each other
  2. traffic jams
  3. you are fixed in place with a patien foe and limited resources
  4. if you can strike at Zed, Zed can strike at you
  5. Sometime a knee shot is fine, if you are heading out of the area anyway.  A shattered pelvis is hard to recover from with full mobility when you were alive, shoot him there.  Headshots are HARD.  Even with lots of rangetime.

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Old NFO said...

Good points... Clear out FIRST...