Sunday, July 6, 2014

Gangsta Style

You know how Gangstas shoot!  They shoot it sideways!

Here is Jerry Miculek (h/t Firearm) testing out the grip type, 'scientifically'.

I have a confession to make.  I have never SEEN anyone hold a pistol sideway except when making fun of the gangster style sideways grip in gunnig websites and blogs.  Is this even a real thing?  Is there photographic evidence of it somewhere I am just not privvy to?  Some iconic movie I haven't seen?  Is this a Grand Theft Auto video game thing that didn't exist in the world before that? I'm beginning to think that you are all trying to put one over on me with this. Pull the other leg, it has bells on it.


abnormalist said...

The sideways gun thing comes from hollywood. they found they could get the gun in the shot and show the bad guys face all in one camera shot with the gun sidways instead of holding it correctly.

There is evidence out there of gangsters holding their gats sideways in robbery security footage and various facebook posts...

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

So, Hollywood started this trend? Is this why we in the Gunnie community with CCW permits always shoot the bad guy's pistol out of his hand like the Lone Ranger?

Geodkyt said...

Yup -- a Hollywood invention that took off in the Thug Life community.

It's spread since then -- there are plenty of photos from the Battle of Monrovia during the recent Liberian Civil War that show plenty of "warriors" holding AKs, PKs, and even one RPG launcher, sideways.

Hollywood excels at spreading bad (but cool looking to the misinformed) ideas gloabally. . . and since action films tend to translate the best into foreign cultures (seriously, think about it -- do you think you could figure out Die Hard or just about any John Woo film well enough to enjoy it, even if the sound was wholly turned off?), those bad ideas are the fastest spread.

Chris said...

About four years ago, I was at On Target and two couples in the two lanes to my right were shooting like that. I calmly but quickly put down my pistol, walked out to the shop area, and told a staffer about the problem. The two couples were counseled on proper range etiquette, among other things.

I'm pretty sure the guys were trying to "impress" the girls with how often they could miss targets even 10 feet away. Range minimum is 25 feet, but I doubt these clowns truly read the range rules before signing that they did so.