Thursday, July 3, 2014

Tip for Gunstores

Display the pink handled pistol in your gun case where it is easily seen.  Never offer it to any potential customerNEVER.

Someone wants to buy that gun.  That particular someone will ask to see it.   How can anyone miss it?  Everyone else wants nothing to do with it. 

Do you usually push something like a Glock 17 on new shooters as a started gun?  Great.  Put the pink handled gatt next to the Glocks.  Do you new shooter spiel with the Glock and ignore the pink.

Don't worry.  The customer that wants that gun will find it and buy it.  Leave everyone else alone about it.  Pretend it isn't even there unless someone wants to see it.


Laura said...


Bubblehead Les. said...

Actually, I'm just waiting for the time when the Pink Guns get marked way down due to lack of sales. THEN purchase it, Detail Strip it, and give it a new Paint Job.

It's AMAZING the Color Palette Krylon offers nowadays.