Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Lethal Weapon


Turns out I had never seen this movie until this past weekend.  I've seen 2 and 4, but somehow this got past me. 

This is the one with the dirty cop/ex-cop dealing guns to street gangs, and it has a few of those big gunnie bugaboos.   Cop killer bullets and closed bolt semi-autos being readily converted to submachineguns.

Both make sense.  Or would to a person unfamiliar to the gun-o-sphere.  "Sure, I don't know how to convert a semi auto into a machine gun but I can imagine how that could be easy," would have been MY thought, when the movie came out.  And it would have seemed common sense that a submachine gun is much more dangerous that a pistol, right?  And a special pointy 9mm bullet that go through a vest like butter?  I knew nothing of ballistics (or proper feedway loading from a magazine...) back in the mid 90s, I'll have to take the movies word for it, then.

But hey, there IS a cut the red/blue wire to disarm the bomb dealie in this flick.  Bonus! 

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