Friday, May 20, 2016


Yeah, yeah, of course I saw the judge talking about conceal carry in DC.  (summary:  the judge seems dubious about the May Issue part where you have to justify exercising the right)

Yeah, yeah, I know it has a lot of impact on my state that surround the District and on which they based their legal requirements. 

But I can't get excited about it, you know?  Even if President Lord Business was already inaugurated and he had already gotten his first choice of his former opponent Ted Cruz nominated and seated on the Supreme Court.  It's gonna take a while to wend this through and to hold the recalcitrant tyrants' feets to the fire.  I'll get excited when that is closer.

Oh, I think it's gonna happen.  Just not tomorrow.

I do like that this is becoming a habit.  Some judge going "Huh, this right may need strict scrutiny," keeps happening.  Over and over.  It comes to nothing, but it adds another data point to the list.  You'd never hear a judge musing like this in an ruling in 1976 or 1986...  It's a significant thing that it is happening more and more now.   I'm not the only one that has noticed this.

Fingers crossed, that the right thing may be done.

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