Tuesday, May 3, 2016

What the gummint has in store for all of us

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"Everybody wants the right to carry a gun and that’s dangerous in a free society. We should not allow that." – South Carolina State Representative Wendell Gilliard

You heard him.  A representative of the government says we should not have a free society.  That's it's dangerous.  A free society shouldn't be allowed. 

I reject that notion, sir.  Good day, sir.



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Windy Wilson said...

How would the Leftists react if he had said, "Everybody wants the right to speak freely without fact-check, and as we have seen in the Trump candidacy, that’s dangerous in a free society. We should not allow that."
If that didn't deliver a firestorm of opposition, it would only be because it was for a totalitarian goal near and dear to the Leftists' little dictator hearts.

Here we can say "Hypocrite" and unlike the Leftists who love that word, use it correctly.