Sunday, May 22, 2016

The Angle They Take

The Gun Banning hoplophobes.  Like Attorney General Frosh.

The cases have gone against them, they can't deny that.  They concede publicly that there is a 2nd Amendment right. 

Hooray, they admit that.  Now you are 'disarmed'.  You think you've one, getting that concession

No, while they say there is a right, under their breath they are saying "and it is meaningless"

They can still ban guns that aren't for use in legal purposes!  And to Frosh legal purpose is, now, only self-defense in the home, because that is what the court ruled and confirmed.  Anti-Tyranny purposes aren't legal to his mind.  Self defense outside the home aren't legal in his mind.  Banning ARs is fine, for him.  Banning magazines is fine for him.  They aren't used for legal purposes.  You have to back him into another corner, HARD, to get the next concession.   

That appears to be the angle he, and those of his ilk, are taking.  Like Bill Clinton, just parse the issue to death to mean what they want.  Watch them when they do that, and oppose them.  They are slippery.


Jesse in DC said...

How do you reckon he "feels" about hemp neckties and lamp posts?

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

He's old. I'm let Father Time and Mother Nature carry out his execution. Nobody in Maryland is gonna run him out of town on a rail, even.