Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Tam is dubious

About my recent training.

"You gotta grip it like you mean or you are gonna git kilt on the street, yo!"

"But, Tam..."

"Shut yer mouf when yer talking to me!"



"Please don't hit me, again, Tam..."

Ok, that conversation may not have actually happened in this reality.  But the gist is correct.  Light grip?  You could hear her squint through the comment section. 

And to tell the truth, I had never heard of ANYONE gripping lightly for gunfighting or action shooting games or whatnot.  All the pro shooters have the grip strength of a the hydralic press that crushed the first Terminator is an agreed upon trait.  I was dubious, too.  But I signed on to the training and want to see it through. And I am getting better in some areas.

But then some more insight came this past weekend.  He is breaking down my bad habits to build up the good habits.  And exaggerating a relaxed grip has a purpose.  Now.  It's not the end state I will eventually get to.  Says he.  "Oh, if you grip it as light as we do now in the training that will get you killed on the street, yo.  You are asking a Calculus question in an Algebra 1 class.  We'll get there."

Well, isn't that interesting. 

I can see my improvement.  Now I am merely rubbish instead of a dumpster fire of awfulness I once was.

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B said...

No offense, but I'd pay attention to what she says....

I know her. And while I'm no slouch with a pistol, I'd not go out of my way to piss her of. She is better than most folks we know...(and I know some fairly bad ass folks).

When she gives advice, I listen.