Monday, May 9, 2016

Nice Guys

It's 1977

You need to arm yourself.  Pistol.  Something for your belt.

What do you choose?

Ok 1911.  .357 revolver.  Anything else?  What's number 3 that is better than a Browning Hi Power?

Not a lot TOO choose in 1977, really?  Nothing to choose if you are using 2016 standards, right?  Revolvers tended to work, why mess with that formula?


Wolfman said...

While a person could certainly go down a rabbithole of 'better', the Smith and Wesson 39 and 59 would also be on that list.

Sigman said...

In mid 70s man guns it was pretty much 1911 and .357 revolver. Browning and S&WS 9s were niche pistols. Most detectives were carrying S&W or Colt snubbies or 2 1/2" .357s if they were serious. I know because I started Law Enforcement in 1975.

Wilson said...

For self-defense in 1977 I would’ve went with a 38 or (preferably) 357 revolver loaded with semi jacketed soft points. Modern hollowpoint ammunition barely existed at the time and most autos wouldn’t fire them anyway without heavy modification. Auto pistols, even the better made ones, were nowhere near reliable as they are now, even with ball ammo. I have a stock Colt Government 45 that my dad bought new in 1976. It will not shoot anything reliably but standard 230gr hardball, and even then it will have the occasional hiccup.