Thursday, May 12, 2016

Doctor question

Last time I was at the Doctor's they sorta asked me the 'gun question.'

You know.  'Do you have any guns in the house?' question.  The none of their business question.  The go ahead and lie to your doctor question.  Which is just fine, too.

It wasn't the regular question, it just sorta sidled up in the course of conversation between the deep breaths and the turn the head and cough bit.

"What have you been doing for fun, lately?"



Ha!  It just slipped out, because I had been having so much fun with it recently.  Sometimes I lie and hide any firearm related topics for medicos.  This time... not so much. 

Other times, I have turned the tables on them.  If there are follow up questions I ask them what they shoot and when they act appalled at the thought of they, themselves, owning a gun I look at THEM even more appalled, like they have a tentacle growing out of their forehead.  "What is wrong with you?" Like they just told me they practice cannibalism.  Or believed the earth was flat as a pancake.

It's their own fault.  I am kinda big and odd looking sitting on that exam table nigh nekkid.   They aren't ready for topic jui jitsu.  You are supposed to be ashamed of it and it throws them when you don't oblige.  I've been too cantankerous as I age. 

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ProudHillbilly said...

Per Obamacare's own laws, they can't ask. I think because I live in WV they just assume the answer is yes. Or they've run into me at the range anyway.