Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Range Relax

Only one off the black.

I started with the upper right shoot n see. Not relaxed enough. Switch to the left. Better. Midway through that I, just for giggles, did the other un-pastered targets. Apparently that was when I was tired as I got that one miss and the others aren't good. The last four of the day are a return to the paper targets where I forced myself to relax. And those may have been my best four. I circled them in sharpie.

When tense I get low and right.  When relaxed it looks like a sun setting on the horizon, a half circle above the center line. 

I need to do a whole range day with half circle above the horizontal center line.  That would be good personal progress.  Gotta get in the weekly habit this summer.  Ooo, I need more .22.

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