Monday, May 23, 2016

Winning Political Strategy

How gun violence prevention finally became a winning political platform.

Wait a minnit....  Don't you have to actually... win... and election on an issue for that issue to be considered a winning one?  Did a lot of pro-Freedom pols lose a seat in 2014?  Are firearms rights an albatross for this election coming in November? 

Just because David Axelrod has some wishful thinking doesn't mean it is high wisdom, and is certainly premature.

People didn't buy guns in record numbers, across parties, across regions, across demographic lines, just to turn them in to the Police Confiscation centers.  A passel of states didn't just expand their CCW rules just for the Feds to pre-empt them.

Hundreds of thousands flocked to Shannon Watts Facebook page?  Clicked the Like button?  How much did that cost the thousands.  Didn't MILLIONS flock to the NRA and sent in their hard earned money in the form of dues?  More than hitting a Like.

Counting chickens, The Hill?

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Sigman said...

Let them keep thinking that. Their hubris will be their downfall.