Friday, February 12, 2021

Boating Accident

Folks like to talk about losing all their guns in a boating accident whenever a move to scheme a national gun registry get's floated.  

Stop that. 

Don't talk about your guns.  Don't talk about how many you have.  Don't talk about what happened to guns you used to have.  Never say you bought a gun or sold a gun.  With a NICS check, or without a NICS check because it wasn't at the gunstore.  Don't even mention that such a thing can legally happen.  

When the urge to say "Too bad I lost all them in a tragic boating accident last summer" comes up, clam up, like you were in the homicide interview room for a murder you are DAMN sure you didn't commit.  "I am not discussing my day with you officer." Then shut up.

"I'm not an officer, T-Bolt, I am your mother."

You still aren't getting anyting out of me, woman!

Obfuscate.  People know I have an interest in guns.  A few know I own at least one.  I never admit that.  "But I saw it!"  That was then.  Do I have it?  Do I have 1000?  Dunno.  Whatever.  Ice cream sammich?  

"Can we go to the range again, T-Bolt?"


"How long have you had these two 1911s?"

"What 1911s?  Remember to squeeze the trigger, don't jerk it."

"THESE 1911s!"

"I dunno what you are talking about.  I had some of those a while back.  Sold on consignment.  Whatever."

"They are RIGHT HERE on the table at the range with us."

"That can be anything or anyone's."

"I am a gun enthusiast, just like you!  C'mon, dish with the deets!"

"Don't sell yourself short.  You're a lotta things."


But a boating accident is inconvenient later when dry unrusty items turn up in your basment.  So, shh.  No more boating.  No advantage to that old story.


Ritchie said...

Well, there's not a lot I can say about that.

McChuck said...

How many guns do you have, citizen?
Up yours, officer.

What kind of guns do you have, peasant?
And the horse you rode in on.

Marty said...

Dude, I have this book to right... What's for lunch?