Friday, February 26, 2021

Genius Smartguns

"We can use AI to make ethically correct Smart Guns that locks out mass shooters"

Pass me by with that nonsense.  You can't even make functioning DUMB Smartguns.  

We've been over this.  The smartgun part of a smart gun will fail sometimes (fail a LOTTA times for early generation smart gizmos.)

When it fails will it fail safe or non-safe?  

Will the owner need to use his gun, but the tech falsely locks him out?  Or will the owner need the gun not to function because the bad guy grabbed it but it DOESN'T lock the bad guy out?  That's fail safe versus fail non-safe.

Either way is a lawsuit and makes the scheme unviable.  So now the gummint has to bend over backward for that.  But they seem to be the former.  Fail, and not shoot, even when the rightful owners wants to and needs to.  Of course.  

If the gummint wants to repeal the Second and ban all gun just try that (and good luck).  Don't do it via this Rube Goldberg method.  


Marty said...

They just want to brick ALL guns remotely when the balloon goes up.

The Neon Madman said...

I do not care if the smart guns are foolproof, I have no interest in one and will certainly not surrender any of mine because they are not "smart guns".