Saturday, February 27, 2021

Shaving x2

"What about electric razors, T-Bolt?  I don't know about relative efficiency, but... Maybe try those?"

You know, I did try some electric razors back in the day.  The Norelco ones with the circular blades, the straight across old school Remington kind, the newer fangled Braun types. They didn't shave as close, I got gigged at uniform inspections because of that.  And something about them irritated my skin and sometime that irritation because a skin infection.

One of the things about wet shaving is the intense application of hot water and a soapy product and then scraping away dead skin and skin oil with the blade.  It cut down on acne as soon as a shaved that way, regular.  Plus no other infections.  

I have noticed that older men switch to electric razors a lot of times.  I don't know why.  Looser face skin?  Less steady hands?  Same reason old guys look for something single action for ease of use?  Dunno.


Ritchie said...

Skin tends to get thinner. A lot of times I find bruises on the backs of my hands where I've bumped into something and didn't notice. After car work is a whole nother thing.

JayNola said...

Going to suggest that out also attributable to being on blood thinners. You haven't bled until you've nicked yourself on warfarin.

Antibubba said...

I love the shave I get using my double-edged safety razor, brush, and shaving soap, but it's an event. 45 seconds with the Norelco can be done as I'm rushing to get ready for work.

Compare it to the .45 you say you want to carry vs the tiny .32 that you always do. Convenience wins.