Friday, February 19, 2021


 A lot of my co-workers own guns.

I work in the defense contracting world.  Veteran heavy.  Those not veterans have a similar mindset.  So it leans gun friendly.

Some are gunnies, but I'm not talking about them.

The co-workers that don't own guns are general not averse to gun ownership.  A small few are, but they are the general exception.  The co-workers that are not anti-gun have a reason they don't have one to home.  "My wife doesn't like guns" "I got kids and they get into everything" "a family member takes meds for a mental condition and I don't want to introduce firearms in case of a mental lapse there"

Fair enough.

The others.  The ones with a gun.  They own one or two at most unless a relative passed down more than that.  Often the one is the M9 they used to carry in the military and are familiar with.  Few hunt.  Air Force vets and hunting?  No these are suburb vets.  My black friends lean toward having a shotgun.  Friends from more rural areas have the there or four hunting items.  Rifles and shotguns and a .22.

They very rarely take it to the range and appreciate tagging along with me in order to blow the cobwebs off the gun and their skills.  

They have a gun, but no pressing need for it.  But they also know in their bones that old chestnut "better to have one and need it than to need it and not have it."  But 'having' a bit more training, too, doesn't enter into their mental calculations. Nor does much 'practice' but, hell, with ammo like it is right now.

Ammo IS starting to be available again.  With awful prices.  Gonna wait a bit longer.


Jonathan H said...

From what I'm seeing, ammo availability is much better than it was but prices, in general, haven't started to come down yet.
Guns are getting more available too and they ARE coming down in price - I got an add yesterday for an Anderson AR for $549, and I've seen AKs for $800ish recently.
I agree that the downslope seems to be starting, but I'm still buying ammo when I see it at good prices - my LGS has had a decent rotating assortment recently: .380 and 9mm for $30 a box, 22 LR for 9 to 10 cents a round, .223 was $12.99 a box but is now moving towards $1.00 a round, stuff sells out quick so their selection is ever changing. Best part of that store? No masks, even on their staff.

Will said...

For various psychological reasons, males are reluctant to take training for shooting, or motorcycle riding. For some reason, they seem to think that they should automatically know how to do it. That seems to be the result of not having fathers or uncles teach them when they are single digit ages. It's hard to teach them when they are near adult age.

I see similar reluctance for them to take non-mandated bike training. Might not be the same problem, but it looks/acts similar.

Train them young, and it gets hard-wired. My oldest sisters had one day of instruction, and didn't remember that day, but 10+ years later they could out-shoot all the guys they hung out with, using the boys own guns.