Sunday, February 7, 2021

What are our chances?

This gun law is more likely than yesterday's post.  H.R. 127.

Yes, what are the chances this new anti gun law doesn't happen?  Or mostly doesn't?  

There are five GOP squishes likely to go along with the whole thing in the Senate.  Maybe 3 Dems to counter the five, Tester, Manchin, maybe Sinema.  Maybe.  And Cocaine Mitch will probably switch to Ambien and not help a fillabuster.  I presume the whole thing goes through the House as is.

Gonna need a bit more before I feel more of a sense of optimism.


Commenters are less pessimistic than me.  Maybe they are right.  Something is coming, but not 127.  Could they reset to what they had in the 90s til 2004?  Magazine and 'assault weapons' bans?  A lot of people have prepared for such a thing for 15 years.  And Magpul has brought the magazines to the masses. 


Tim said...


Jonathan H said...

I doubt HR 127 will go anywhere - but I expect SOME form of gun control bill to make it through, and it will probably be worse than the Clinton AWB.
What type? THAT is the question... I would assume imports will be restricted further, which can be done without any legislation or even an EO.
I would assume there will be attempts at mag limits, though I don't know what form they will take. I DOUBT there will be a retroactive possession ban on them.
Otherwise? Don't know...

riverrider said...

you folks need to get a grip. it IS going to happen. they hold all the cards. they are arrogant enough to think they can pull it off. its the LAST cog in their machine...that said, i couldn't care less. pass whatever "laws" they want, anything repugnant to the constitution is null and void upon passage and REQUIRES my utmost resistance. i swore an oath, i will oblige. sic semper tyrannis.

Antibubba said...

This, folks, is where YOU come in. Because there will be court challenges, and Trump put a lot of Constitutional Originalist judges on the bench, not just on the SCOTUS. EOs and laws are made and unmade, but precedent gets set in concrete pretty quickly.

Send money to your state and national gun rights groups. Not the NRA--you don't need another tote bag--but GOA and the ones who spend more on lawyers than promotional videos. Give to your state groups (we have several very active ones here in California). And take your neighbors to the range. There's probably a few of them who bought guns for the first time this year, and a range session is a good way to turn an impulse panic buyer into a 2A supporter.