Sunday, February 21, 2021

They hate your gas stove

And they want you to freeze to death in the dark.

That's what the commies want to ban next.  Working terlets and lightbulbs weren't enough for their hunger to control.  Your gas stove is bad for the planet somehow in some mysterious non-falsifiable way.  It's gotta go.

My house has a gas stove.  And gas water heater.  And gas furnace.  I guess they'd all have to be swapped out for electric equivalents over time.  

But I have more than one purpose for that stuff.  If the power goes out, the water still flows so I can fill my tub.  And if the power goes out I can still run the stove and heat that water and thus myself.  If what happened in Texas replicates around the country in the future, I have a back up plan.  There were people in Texas freezing to death because their heat was via heat pump and their range was electric.  

Get a gas stove if you can and never let it go and yell at any legislator that wants to take it from you as though they want to murder you.  

Hell, I wish I had a wood burning stove, too.


B said...

if possible, get an older gas stove that has a pilot. Lots of ovens won't work without electricity. You can always light the top burners, but not the oven.

Tim said...

I live in Hampton Roads which is north of Cape Fear NC. We have seen our share of Hurricanes, Nor'easters and other heavy coastal events. What goes first? Electricity and what's my backup? Gas of course.

BobF said...

@Tim: Same here. I'm in FL with gas water heater, stove, and dryer. 20# propane for refilling those little 1# bottles that go in the Buddy Heater for when I'm working in the garage when it gets cold in the winter -- anything below 50 or so, ya know. :-)

@B: Got to check the oven. Never thought of that, because we use it so seldom.

Howard Brewi said...

I live off grid, primarily wood heat in interior Alaska. We bought a new off grid propane stove which has a built in battery igniter that even works on the oven. We don’t like it because of other considerations. You could check the draw for the oven on one fo those regular stoves and maybe a deep cycle battery and a small inverter would do the trick. Yes they want you to freeze in the dark. Some of the elites have proposed reducing the world population to five hundred million!

Jonathan H said...

Currently, my backup is a wood stove. Some place have already limited their use (Los Angeles) or banned them in new construction (Quebec).

Marty said...

You could get a wood stove. Set it up in your basement.

ThankUsociety said...

Wood stove would be best yeah. All the gas lines had frozen solid so gas appliances were all inoperable