Friday, February 5, 2021

Speaking of Hearing Protection

Remember when you went to the range with a buddy and you brought ALL the guns?  A big ol' Massachusetts style picnic table worth.  Even when you went alone you brought a half dozen sometimes.  Why not?  It's fun.

I haven't done that in a while.  Haven't done a new-shooter intro or anything, and when alone, these days, I am working on something with my shooting, not my gear.  So I often just bring one pistol.  And not in a big heavy range bag.

I have a few pistol cases the individual pistols live in.  Or a plastic ammo can.  But they aren't .50 BMG ammo cans.  There is room for the gun, a box of ammo, and a half dozen, plus, magazines, often pre-loaded.  Trauma bandage and tourniquet.  No ear-pro cans can fit with all that.

So I did this.


Tan pistol case.  Clasped to it is a small green Maxpedition pouch.  The Howard Leights fold up andfit in the pouch along with foam ear plus, a Lula loader, and incidentals like a sharpie, a toothbrush in case I drop a gun in the sand again, and an oiler.  If I wanna take a different gun I clasp the green accessory bag to that gun's case.

It's a solution that works for me.  


Next up, attaching this:

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