Saturday, February 13, 2021

Olden Timey Gonnes

I love it when Tam goes on a tear on her blog with the antique-y guns.  There is less money in writing about those for the slicks, so the blog receives the labor of love.  

I get to reap the rewards.  I get a tight little blurb presented on a multi-topic (guns stuff, history stuff, blog stuff, interesting trivia stuff) piece that I truly enjoy.  In quick succession she put up Hand Ejectors, Savages, an H&R+Webley's guts.  All this after a couple closer-to-mid-century revolvers.

The only way I'd know more about Savages now is if I took up collecting them and the resources about the, myself.  I don't feel like starting a Savage collection, so this blog post will more than tide me over. 

Blog aren't what they were, but they are still valuable.  

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