Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Illegally Possessed Firearm

 Nice!  You don't see many of these around anymore.  The opening of Superman?

The Gutta Percha looks to be in fine shape.

Now I've heard of five-screw S&W and started counting.  Five!  But wait, it's a Colt.  Took me a minute to notice and then I felt great shame.


Ritchie said...

Thank goodness this fully semiautomatic revolver is no longer a

#menace to the hood.

Marty said...

Did they collect that from Barney Fife?

Marty said...

My bad. Barney Fife was only allowed one bullet.

Glenn B said...

Superman always had bullets bounce off of his chest in the opening of each show; yet when the ad guy threw the revolver at him he sidestepped it. Must have been a Colt indeed - heavy are they.