Sunday, September 5, 2021


James Clyburn says:  "Filibuster Shouldn’t Apply to Constitutional Issues Like Roe, Privacy Rights"

I've got VERY good news for the Congressman.  The Filibuster already does not apply to Constitutional issues.

You see you need 66 Senate votes to get an Amendment to the Constitution rolling in the Senate.  Which is 6 more than what you need to end a filibuster.  So, have at it.

I don't need you messing with the 2nd Amendment  with 50% +1 just because you are disappointed with a failed injunction for ONE state that the Chief Justice is gonna kibosh, anyway, when the law comes up for SCOTUS review.

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Jonathan H said...

If I understand correctly, what happened is that 1 or a couple Justices said they won't stop the law on their own, they want to wait for a hearing first.
This has happened more and more often recently; I think it's a good thing that the justices are acting unilaterally less than they used to.