Friday, September 24, 2021

More nuffin, so sorry bout the whinging.

Feeling really tired lately.  You know why.

I don't talk about my illness with other folks.  Two people at work that guessed, one a nurse that heard about a detail in a lab last May.  Another person that had back problems we detailed to each other, but then mine turned up to probably be this.  

And I over-share here.  As a place top over share.

A few of you I have met in meatspace.  A few of you that occasionally read here, I have met in meatspace.  But a lot of them folks I don't see every day or see on Facebook or whatever.  Borepatch and Proud Hillbilly.  For example.  Regular readers AND know what I look like on the maybe handful of occasions we hung out.  

But lots of folks that used to be regular readers just aren't.  Any more.  Like quite a few people I work with every day.  Heh.  So I keep a bit of privacy that way.  

But one checked in to the blog to see what I was up to and... uh oh.   Hi, you goof! 

I dunno why I wanna keep it private.  In some treatment scenarios it will become quite obvious I am on chemo soon enough.  But other treatments...  I won't even lose my eyebrows.  People I work with know something ain't right.  I've slowed way down.  But none pry.  None ask what political party I favor or my religious denomination, either.  

If I didn't turn up to work for a coupla days in a row they'd figure I'd have fallen in the basement and send someone to check on me, so I got that going for me.  More motivation to keep turning up to work.  Another motivation?  Money to buy food.  I like to eat something now and again.

"What do you do for fun, now, T-bolt, now that you don't have the energy to work in the shop or go camping or plink at the range?"

I dunno.  I like reading.  Reading some takes on the Cthulhu mythos.  For example.  I bought a buncha DVD to just have.  And watch.  Rewatch the Thin Man series and catch some other movies I haven't seen. My bucket list is to try a buncha different cocktails.  Sazerac is on the list next, but I did a fancy tequila tasting not that long ago.  I haven't had tequila since a fateful night 35 years ago.  Low impact activities I enjoy.  

I went up a ladder 4 times to clear my gutters.  Good thing, too, as two days later we got another gully washer.  But doing that wasted me for the rest of the day.  It does mean I don't yet need a helper monkey.



Ratus said...

"…don't yet need a helper monkey."

What has "need" got to do with it?

You know you want a monkey.

McChuck said...

Nobody *needs* a Trunk Monkey!

ProudHillbilly said...

So much entertainment over the 'net. Recently I've been watching things like "What's My Line?" and, well, anything with Groucho Marx, who only had to light his cigar and smile slightly to have people rolling in the aisles. Things that are making me laugh out loud. Foster Brooks on Dean Martin's Celebraty Roast. Liberace and Little Richard together on a talk show 40 or so years ago - OMG!

Laura said...

me? goof? NAW.

hire an intern. talk their ear off while they do things for you. PERFECT.