Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Should I Clean My Guns?

I don't normally rush to clean my guns.  But I have been shooting less and less.

The guns don't mind being dirty.  That dirt is just burn propellant.  Carbon.  If it was grit from sand?  Clean!  If it was moisture from outside exposure?  Clean!  And way back then when I brought them home.

What do you think?

One of the advantages of a clean is a gun I hadn't shot in a while would get lubed, too. Not that I need 'em ready for action, but they'd, you know, be more ready for action.  


Glypto Dropem said...

The days of coming home from the range and spending several hours cleaning everything are long gone. My guns don't get all crapped up, just shot on a nice day. My last outing was a few weeks ago and I have yet to get to them. A rainy crummy day off and they'll all get done.

Marty said...

I used to keep a spreadsheet with notes about range time and cleaning dates. I would clean them at least once a year just to lube them. Since my last move I stopped that practice. I need to restart.

Carteach said...

Not shooting much is a good reason TO clean. Get them very well cleaned and lubed, and properly stored, and worry not.

Will said...

A potential concern, what with the current ammo and general production problems worldwide, would be some corrosive primer or powder getting into normal distribution. The once a blue moon cleaning routine that so many people have gotten into over the past several decades could come back to really bite you if you got just a bit unlucky.
I can't knowledgeably speak on the subject of this happening, but having seen how old/down rev parts can sneak into the production line when things get tight money- or time- wise, I would not be surprised.