Friday, September 3, 2021


I remember when Frum was conservative.  He was as conservative as Jonah Goldberg was back in 2010.  Both metrocons, back in the day.  Well, they let Frum near a keyboard again.

"Altogether, about 500 Americans a year die from unintended shootings. That’s four times the rate of deaths from unintended shootings in peer nations. "  

Translation:  'Peer nations' means nations with the gun control Frum wants here.

"The gun buyers of 2020–21 are different from those of years past: They are more likely to be people of color and more likely to be women. They are not buying guns to join a race war, or to overthrow the government, or to wait for Armageddon in a bunker stocked with canned beans. They just want to deter a burglar or an assailant, should one come. 

Those dangers are real, and it’s understandable that people would fear them and seek to avert them. But like the people who refuse lifesaving vaccines for fear of minutely rare side effects, American gun buyers are falling victim to bad risk analysis."

Translation:  "You black people and women that bought guns recently aren't responsible enough to realize what an awful thing you've done getting a firearm.  Now let me explain your mistake to you further." 


Oh, and my term 'metrocon'?  It seems to be overcome by events.  There are no metrocons left.  If they were a metrocon they are just liberal democrats now, caucusing with Pelosi.  


Ritchie said...

We'll just start with a subset of the holy data that's favorable for us, then proceed merrily from there. No one else is bright enough to notice.

ruralcounsel said...

I wouldn't trust Frum's risk analysis. He's clearly a mathematical moron. But I would expect that from someone who fancies themselves a writer/journalist.

Let me give David the bottom line. There is nothing, absolutely nothing, he could say that would persuade me to give up my firearms. Ever. Underscore. Full stop.

ruralcounsel said...

"Drawing a bright line between the supposedly vast majority of “responsible,” “law abiding” gun owners and those shadowy others who cause all the trouble is a prudent approach for politicians, but it obscures the true nature of the problem. We need to stop deceiving ourselves about the importance of this distinction."

So hear this. He says he wants to quit distinguishing between honest citizens and criminals. And that doesn't mean he wants to treat criminals like honest citizens.

Note he thinks you are only "supposedly" responsible.

What an asshat.

McChuck said...

The metrocons were always liberals. They were just infiltrators here to undermine morale.

Angus McThag said...

Jerry Pournelle always referred to him as The Egregious Frum, I"ve never seen a reason to doubt that assessment.