Sunday, September 26, 2021

Eat Better

So, I am a little less worried about what steak and bacon is doing to me.  More greens?  I need more lima beans?  Nawwww.

I don't know what kind of treatment I will eventually get.  Well, I have an idea on the plethora of choices that might be deployed on me.  Side effects on all of them are pretty mild.  So I doubt they will peel off extra pounds.  Or take my eyelashes.

This time last year when we were trying to treat my back I cut out ALL booze and was going to physical therapy.  August to November I lost 30 pounds.  I dunno if it was the mild exercise and lack of beer, or the cancer, or both.  But the 30 pounds have stayed off.  I wouldn't mind 20 more, tho.  I'd still be fat, but much less so.  And my clothes would be loose but still fit.  Less than an eighth of a ton.  

It would be annoying to shop for a new wardrobe.

Hey, all this baggy clothing, I could CCW a Deagle comfortably!  Always a bright side.

I remember when I got down to 175 in my 20s.  I am 6 foot 1 inch.  I still looked fat.

Here is me as Goose.   My legs were at their strongest here.  It would take working in a brewery to get my arms to their strongest.

But I'm not gonna watch what I eat so much anymore.  I might drinka bit less because of my lessened stamina.  So bring on the pork chops.  Put ways the skinless chicken breasts and egg white omelets.        


BobF said...

Enlisted 08/1963, 6' 1", 155 pounds.
Today, ~ 6' 1" (though height has varied over 6 spine surgeries), 246 pounds.

Laid off booze for other issues and it had no effect on my weight. Issues taken care of, back on, but never more than one a day and not every day.

As long as meds take care of the diabetes and the kidneys (new med on the way) I eat pretty much what I want to, though I don't go nuts with it.

If I can't enjoy, what's the point?

ProudHillbilly said...

Your stamina would increase with proper nutrition. Your body can fight and heal better with proper nutrition. You won't end up in the hospital like I did because my nutrition was so poor...

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

Meh. If the Centrum can't fix it...

I am tired because useful red blood cells were being displaced by a plethora of unneeded white blood cells. It's how I can walk 50 yards and have a heart rate of 120, shortness of breath, but still 98 blood oxygen saturation level. It's weird. It's also dropped my BP to low normal. Nice.