Friday, September 3, 2021

The Card Reads

Have Gun - Will Travel.  Starred Richard Boone.  It spawned a hit radio show, voiced by John Dehner, 

I couldn't tell the difference.  If you told me Boone recorded the radio program, I'd believe it.  It's a very good match.  Bosso profundo.

It was rare a TV show spawned the radio version, it was usually the other way round.  See:  Gunsmoke.

Gun content.  Please.  It's a 50s western, it was a single action army.  

That makes me think.  A studio could have a buncha western programs going on, but really only one or a couple prop pistols.  Four max.  And get away with it.  The pistol you saw on one show would be used again in an entirely separate series.  And another series 15 years later.  Or in a Star Trek episode where Kirk has to go against Doc Holliday for some reason.  The four studio guns would get more airtime than any one actor.

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