Thursday, September 2, 2021



Imagine a world where the nuke line didn't stall, but sort of carried on with a modest upward velocity.  Maybe another 4,000 Terra-watt hours?

That would cover ALL the popular faddish unreliable subsidized renewables.  We really only built nuclear powerplants for about 10 years, then stopped for 40.  Because of a Jane Fonda film and our subsequent inability to improve the design.    


ruralcounsel said...

That we were so spooked by a bad movie should have given us plenty of notice that we would be gobsmack-panicked by a bad flu.

XTphreak said...

Oh, by the way the NEW Westinghouse AP1000's (Vogtle 3&4) are nearing completion.

Not a "new" design, except for having passive safety (post accident cooling using physics instead of requiring pumps, etc.

Hopefully fuel load for Unit 3 will be this year.

Still building nukes, just much more slowly.

Vogtle will be over 4 Gigawatts of electrical production on one site soon.