Tuesday, September 7, 2021


If you are Social Security age, and live in my county, there is a 99.9% chance you have at least one vaccination shot.  And now I wish I could find that that chart again for the internet...  Have to rely on my memory, I guess. 

Rates of those with at least one dose: 
18 and older--
Montgomery County: 88.8 percent 
Maryland: 73.2 percent 
U.S.: 65.6 percent 

Full population--
Montgomery County: 74.0 percent 
Maryland: 60.6 percent
U.S.: 53.5 percent

Though the stat counters have been known to lie to me.  

Here Larry Hogan and Channel 9 says 80% of all Marylanders have one shot

Here it's only 68%.  Which is it?  Four different numbers!  Or, two sets of two, really

I guess we quibble now.  Larry is talking 80% of the people that have a bad time with the shot.  18+ year olds.   The other one counts toddlers and junk.  Whatever.  Fat adults under 65 and erryone over 65.  If you pay attention, get them groups, and you don't even notice China Virus as a thing.  


Of course our high vax compliance and high mask compliance has done DOODLY with our infection rate, which is up and up and up.  We aren't dying, mostly.  Mostly.  Flu-like dying at this point, or less.  Bad enough.

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McChuck said...

The Delta variant (and what is the test for it?) has the effect of the common cold to most people. Notably, the vaccinated generally have a worse time with this version. Of course, the earlier variants did, too, but Delta is even weaker. As has happened with every cold/flu virus ever.

The shots are almost completely ineffective. The numbers show 10% effectiveness, compared to the control group of unvaccinated. Except for, you know, the tens of thousands of people that the shot directly kills. And the far more that it permanently injures. Healthy young people have nothing to fear from the virus, but they are being murdered by the shots.