Thursday, October 7, 2010


There were no semi-auto produced pistols before 1892. I did not know that. Wikipedia has Borepatch as a source of info for the Laumman pistol of 1892 so it must be a true fact. Patent drawings of that pistol sure do make it look like a dog’s breakfast, don’t it?

I’ve talked about the Borschardt and Mauser Broomhandle before. More early Euro designs. They came out in 1893 and 1896 respectively.

Browning had the Colt1900 in… uh… 1900, and it was a precursor for others including eventually the familiar 1911 pattern.

So from non-existence, to acceptance and production and adoption by the US military in 19 years, 1892-1911. It just seems so FAST for a weapon system. I guess it’s not. We went from the Wright Flyer to the aircraft carrier Langley in the same number of years.


Bubblehead Les. said...

Similar technology leaps: Jet engines in the late 30's, V-2 to Sputnik, Commodore 64 to Facebook, VHS to DVD, the list goes on. Cool, ain't it?

Stretch said...

Aircraft Carrier trivia: Name the first navel engagement where a carrier was present.

Rivrdog said...

First Navel engagement to involve aircraft carriers?


That would be the first Battle of Lint.